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  Plans for major road tunnels underneath Sydney have been released. It is good news as Parramatta Rd has been way over capacity for 40 years. However people living above the tunnels to be should be nervous. I drove past this building today, (Still standing and repaired surprisingly) It reminded me of what happened the last time a tunnel was being constructed, A section of the Lane Cove tunnel collapsed during construction causing a massive hole to form under this apartment complex. The quick fix was to fill the massive hole with concrete which was a laugh but the cranes doing the job look awesome. As for the guy  living in the apartment where his bedroom fell into the hole, he stated on a news report ” The best thing that could happen to that apartment is fall into a hole”, What an awesome dude.

   I however would  be very upset if My bedroom fell into a hole, I’d be all Noooo My zoids!

  I find it amusing that the Fella’s Bed and all the contents  of his bedroom are now fossilized inside that concrete for eternity.

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